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Pilot Program in Colombia
​INNOVA-DURAS is a training program for young high school girls aged 15 to 18.
  • They benefit from immersion in the digital environment and the development of essential technical skills and soft-skills   to work in Tech. 
  • Beneficiary institutions:  Public educational establishments  in the Colombian Caribbean region.
  • Programs: AgileTech and StartupMaker. 
  • Duration: 10 months ​per school / year

INNOVA-DURAS aims  to prepare young women for a TECH future, either by accessing employment or as entrepreneurs.

This is a support strategy for professional integration that emphasizes the exploration of a vocation, the learning of agile methodologies, meeting with TECH entrepreneurs and integration into schools of allied training that have confirmed employability rates.

The program is developed in schools, with face-to-face and online modules, in sessions of 3 to 5 hours per week. We have implemented a methodology that can be fully deployed remotely: conferences with tech entrepreneurs, access to digital media and equipment to monitor the progress of each participant.

INNOVA-DURAS also offers to train teachers from educational institutions associated with the program, offering them the opportunity to explore agile methodologies and giving them access to open source resources, so that each institution can count, once the project developed, an internal facilitator who will be able to ensure the continuity of the training, once the CMFK action has been carried out.

Participants who are in their last year of secondary school are ready to meet the Change Makers for kids allies, who offer different types of professional training in digital professions.


​ What participants get: 

  • Discovery of Design Thinking, agile methods and basics of  tech;

  • Development of Skills in: Communication, planning and strategic leadership (delegating and accepting responsibilities), creativity (mentality oriented towards proposing high-impact solutions), flexibility, resilience;

  • Construction of a Vision of  life (who I am, what are my abilities, what do I like to do);

  • Immersion in companies and digital professions;

  • Development of a professional and / or entrepreneurial roadmap. 

What teachers get  : ​

  • Tech skills development

  • Discovery of design thinking;

  • Learn   to prioritize actions   by impact

  • Emphasis   of the “trial and error” method in the learning process;

  • Learn   to create and energize collective intelligence;

  • Promote the dynamics of creativity (creative pedagogy);

  • Join   an international network.

And the school:


  • will be part of the innovative reference schools

  • Will have   the ability to download and use Change Makers for kids educational training resources.

Our mentors

Tech players, rich in experience, talent and skills, engage with CMFK:  

  • To offer   1h30 per semester to interact   during a webinar  with the Innova-duras. During this exchange, they will explain to the young girls their trajectory and daily work;

  • A Share the "Innova-duras" experience   with your linkedin network: 1 post in the semester at least (sky is the limit!)

  • To offer personalized support of at least   1h in the semester to answer questions from girls in the promotion 


Claudia Baez
Co-founder Cuestión Pública I Investigative Data journalist I Media entrepreneur

Juliana Rueda 

Animation Producer and Artistic Director in 2D Animation 


Diana Sierra


Nadya Hamad

UI/UX Designer


Maria Alejandra Baene
Founder Programate Education/Technology/
Social impact

Daniela Granados

Senior developer of software and  video games

Our Allied Companies

Hello!  Notice to companies wanting to have a real social impact! 

At CMFK, we are fond of companies that have made digital their growth lever, companies with a gender equality quota, companies that believe that a small commitment can produce big changes!

Our allies are committed during our programs to:

  • Offer a 1h30 virtual tour of their premises, their teams, their business: with the collaboration of at least 2 employees to explain the "Why" of the company and its missions.

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