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Change makers for kids offers training in technical and soft skills,
using agile methods,  to prepare young women to be part of digital economy .


Our goals :

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50% of young join a Tech training after the CMKF's program.

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90% of young people are satisfied with the career paths offered.

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90% of teachers could integrate agile methods in their school programs.

Our programs

AgileTech to design your future Tech! Creativity and design thinking to discover the agility and pleasure of working in digital.

Startup Maker  to integrate the way  to operate as an entrepreneur from an early age!

Our vision

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Measured and real impact

We follow and evaluate with scientific methods the results and the impact of our action.

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Sustainability of our model

We want to create a virtuous and sustainable circle; for this reason, some of the services that  we offer to low-resource educational communities are sell to the other publics.

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Large scale deployment

Coherent dissemination is a priority for us in order to benefit a greatest number of young of our programs.


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