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"The lifespan of a technical skill is rapidly diminishing. If in the 1970s it was 20 years, it is only 2.5 years today."

You can be a Change maker: Become a Mentor!

Sometimes we are not aware of what we have to offer to others: for young people looking for answers in relation to their orientation, your experience, your know-how, your experience can be fundamental.


Young women face many choices at a very young age and caring advice from more experienced people is invaluable.Give them the encouragement and support they need to develop their potential! Become a CMFK Mentor!


You do not need to have specific training to become a Mentor.e: the most important thing is to remember that with the few hours that you can give, you are helping many young women to take a leap forward towards their emancipation, autonomy and independence.


Your commitment is flexible according to your availability and desires: weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, your advice and your attention give the opportunity to the beneficiaries of the CMFK programs to have an essential guide to stand out in active life.



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