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Change Makers for kids Senegal

Pilot Program in Senegal (To come)
  • Where: Three cities (Dakar, Thiès and  St Louis)

  • Public: 200 girls from 8 to 14 years old

  • Programs: AgileTech and StartupMaker. 

  • Duration: 6 months, including 2 days ofboot camp .​


Targeting   a younger age group, the Senegal Program is using a  book from the Change Maker for Kids collection to introduce cross-curricular skills development work._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   Designed to illustrate the course of the Entrepreneurs of Change, it allows   to give _cc781905-43-bbd_bad_children the means identify with newrol-model


Immersion in a Boot-camp where agile methods will be used, makes it possible to equip children with various means to understand and solve the   local problems of their community thanks to solutions simples, accessible.


The program aims to:

● Teach a problem solving method ; 
● Provide space to test, experiment, prototype ; 
● Expose to real-life issues and nurture/foster a spirit  of resolution.

​ What participants get: 

  • Discovery of Design Thinking and   agile methods;

  • Development of skills in communication, planning and strategic leadership (delegating and accepting responsibilities),  creativity (mentality oriented towards proposing high-impact solutions), flexibility , resilience;

  • Emphasis   of the “trial and error” method in the learning process;

  • Learn   to create and energize collective intelligence;

Our team


Maritza Abreo

Co - Founder

Start-up Coach

16 years of experience in Tech

Lean Startup Methodology

and Design Thinking




Alejandra Cardenas

Co - Founder

Public policies 

20 years of experience in

project engineering 

Strategy and Advocacy


Our mentors

Tech pro, rich in experience, talent and skills, engage with CMFK:  

  • To offer   1h30 per semester to interact   during a webinar.   During this exchange, they will explain to the young girls their trajectory and daily work;

  • A Share the CMFK experience with its linkedin network: 1 post in the semester at least (sky is the limit!)


Diana Sierra


Fatima Sarr​


Engineering workshops

Our Allied Companies

Hello!  Notice to companies wanting to have a real social impact! 

At CMFK, we are fond of companies that have made digital their growth lever, companies with a gender equality quota, companies that believe that a small commitment can produce big changes!

Our allies are committed during our programs to:

  • Offer a 1h30 virtual tour of their premises, their teams, their business: with the collaboration of at least 2 employees to explain the "Why" of the company and its missions.

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