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We are a multidisciplinary team  of professionals,
convinced that the education and development of 
digital skills can change the reality of young women in many countries  
and help reduce the gender gap in tech. 

From our various professional experiences, we are convinced that by setting up a virtuous circle in accordance with the interests of everyone - apprentices and  their families, teachers, educational establishments, educational authorities, companies in the tech sector and other sectors of the economy-,  our actions will have a multiplied impact, favorable to the development and   the growth of everyone!

Our team


Maritza Abreo


Start-up Coach

16 years of experience in Tech

Methodology Lean Startup

and Design Thinking



Ivonne Jiménez
Agile methods trainer

Training in agile methods, innovation and entrepreneurship: design of acceleration courses for entrepreneurs and VSEs


Alejandra Cardenas


Executive Director

Public policies 

20 years of experience in

project engineering 

Strategy and Advocacy


David Cortes

Relations with Educational Institutions

Team Leader

15 years of experience in pedagogical  transformation, thanks to various methodologies integrating literature.

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